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ABOUT  Eener's Farm:

Eener's Farm is a fifth generation family farm located near Connorsville, WI about 60 miles from Hudson and Stillwater. The farm has been in Eener's family since 1927. Over the last 97 years, lots of great food has been raised and grown here. From dairy to beef to veggies this farm has covered a lot of ground! And plates! 

Original Gangsters:

The previous generations that owned and operated the farm never bought into conventional farming practices. Some couldn't because chemical pesticides and fertilizers didn't exist yet. Others didn't go the conventional route because it didn't make sense to them. As a result, Eener's Farm is 100 acres of never-been-sprayed land. Bonus! Check out this awesome picture of my grandpa back when he and my grandma were dairy farming here!

Eener's Farm Mission:

To grow good, clean, food on good, clean, land. And to maintain the farm for the next generation.

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