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Tails from the farm

Back in 2008 I started a blog about the farm. Here are links to the farm stories I wrote there. These stories are pretty funny! Stay tuned! I've got one or two more recent farm tails to relate.

A Goat Tail (a goat gets out and goes on an epic adventure):

Christmas Goose (geese are not what they are cracked up to be):

Raking Dad's Hay (fun times making hay):

Shearing Phyllis (first time shearing):

How to Build a Hoophouse in 136 Easy Steps (actually a helpful post for any first time hoophouse builders):

Adventures in Farm Maintenance (keeping one building together while another falls apart):

Amuck (cattle get out and go on a 10 day bender):

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1 Comment

Jan 16

Love the goat adventure Rene,would loved to have seen Cass with the net!!

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